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Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive Transfer Tapes

Adhesive transfer tapes for all die cutting applications.

Hi-Tech Products will help you select the best adhesive transfer tape materials or source per your specification for your die cutting application. All raw materials are stored in our temperature-controlled warehouses with GMP lot traceability. Hi-Tech can die cut, laminate, slit, or print most every flexible material.

Hi-Tech Products has the most advanced rotary die cutting capabilities available, and every other type of converting process in-house. Our labor-intensive converting processes are performed in our American owned Tijuana, Mexico facilities.

Adhesive Transfer Tapes / 3m Adhesive Tapes

  • Medical Grade Adhesive Transfer Tapes
  • Microfluidics / 3M Microfluidic Tape
  • Diagnostic PSA / Low Outgassing Adhesive / Low Outgassing Tape
  • Hydrogel Adhesive / Hydrogel Adhesive Tape / Conductive Adhesive Hydrogel
  • Hydrocolloid Adhesive / Wound Care Hydrocolloid / Ostomy Hydrocolloid
  • Acrylic Adhesive Tape / Acrylic PSA / 3M Acrylic Tape
  • Rubber Adhesive Tape / Rubber PSA / 3M Rubber Adhesive Tape
  • Hot Melt Adhesive Tape / Hot Melt PSA
  • Silicone Adhesive Tape / Silicone PSA / Silicone Adhesive Gel
  • Medical Grade Foam Tapes / 3M Foam Tape
  • Thermally Conductive Adhesive / Thermally Conductive Tape
  • Heat Activated Adhesive / Heat Activated Adhesive Film
  • Electrically Conductive Adhesive / Electrically Conductive Tape
  • Repositionable Tape / Removable Repositionable Tape
  • Removable / Repositionable
  • 3M VHB Adhesive / 3M VHB Tape
  • Ultra-Clean Adhesive / Disc Drive Adhesive
  • Optically Clear Adhesive / Optically Clear Tape
  • Low Surface Energy Adhesive / LSE Adhesive
  • Adhesive Film Tape / Film Adhesive Tape
  • Polyimide Tape / Kapton Tape
  • Electrical Insulation Tape
  • Urethane Foam Tape / Poron Foam Tape
  • EPDM Foam Adhesive Tape
  • Copper Shielding Tape / Copper Foil Tape with Conductive PSA / 3M Copper Shielding Tape

The best 3M adhesive transfer tapes for you product

Hi-Tech Products can supply the best raw materials for your die cutting project. Here is what you can expect from a 3M Preferred Converter.

  • Adhesive Transfer Tapes expertise – 3M converter partners can help you find the best adhesive transfer tape materials for your die cut product.
  • Engineering consulting – We can tailor-make solutions to make your product design a reality.
  • Value-added converted formats – As a 3M Preferred Converter we have the materials to help you achieve additional valuable product characteristics you may not have considered.