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RF Welding / Medical RF Welding in Certified Cleanroom

RF Welding

RF Welding and Medical RF Welding in Certified Cleanrooms

Medical RF Welding processes are conducted in a certified cleanroom in our Tijuana Mexico facility, offering competitive labor rates with US engineering. Our Tijuana facility provides extensive assembly & packaging capabilities to compliment the radio frequency welding process.

  • High quality weld and bonding to your medical device products
  • Hi-Speed rotating table allows for better run times and higher precision
  • High capacity, multi-station machines for high volume production
  • Production in Mexico with competitive labor rates
  • Extensive assembly & packaging capabilities in certified cleanrooms
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Radio frequency welding is performed in certified cleanrooms with ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems.

Download ISO Certificates:

hi-tech-products.com/certificates/Certificate-Hi-Tech Products-ISO 9001-2015.pdf

hi-tech-products.com/certificates/Certificate-Hi-Tech Products-ISO 13485-2016.pdf

Radio Frequency Welding – Medical Devices

For over 35 years, Hi-Tech Products has been a top manufacturer of die cut components. Hi-Tech’s many capabilities, including RF Welding, are performed in certified cleanrooms in FDA registered facilities. Hi-Tech Products has extensive experience with medical device assembly, packaging, and manufacturing; producing medical devices for wound care, diagnostics, microfluidics, and the latest in wearable sensor technologies.

Why choose Hi-Tech Products for your RF Welding?

Competitive pricing and High Quality – Radio frequency welding processes are conducted in a certified cleanroom in our Tijuana Mexico facility, offering competitive labor rates with US engineering. Our Tijuana facility, with ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified quality systems, offers extensive cleanroom assembly and packaging capabilities to compliment the welding process.

Radio Frequency Welding Expertise – Hi-Tech’s medical products manufacturing expertise includes Radio Frequency Welding technology that uses electromagnetic energy to form a permanent bond that is as strong as the original thermoplastic materials being welded. Radio frequency welding is also known as dielectric welding or high-frequency welding.

You will want to choose a manufacturer that understands the many factors that affect the strength and seal quality created by radio frequency welding. Weld thickness, material thickness, tooling layout, and machine control are some of the most important factors in creating a good weld or seal. RF Welding can create very robust hermetic seals. Welds are subject to pull tests, leak tests, and optical tests to determine that the correct conditions and highest weld quality has been achieved.

Hi-Tech Products is capable of RF Welded the many materials used in manufacturing medical devices and medical packaging. Whether your product requires PET, PETG, PVCs, Thermoplastic Polyurethanes (TPU), LDPE/EVA, or Open Celled Polyurethanes; we are prepared to accommodate your product manufacturing requirements.

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    Hi-Tech Products is much more than an RF Welder.

    Most products require multiple manufacturing processes to complete their production and reach the marketplace. Hi-Tech Products not only offers RF Welding, but also a full spectrum of die cutting and converting capabilities. Hi-Tech provides expert guidance from prototype through clinical trials to final production parts as well as OQ / PQ validation.

    Hi-Tech Products has Medical RF Welding and the other clean room converting services to meet your contract manufacturing requirements.

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    Contact us today – Hi Tech Products has the RF welding, rotary die cutting capabilities, and assembly services to ensure a precision product every time.