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Clean Room Converting Services & Clean Room Die Cutting

Clean Room Converting Services

Clean room converting services & clean room die cutting available in certified cleanrooms.

Hi-Tech has over 20,000 sq ft of certified cleanrooms in both our US and Mexico facilities.

  • USA – Over 8 servo-controlled presses operating in approximately 10,000 sq ft of Class 8 certified cleanrooms in a total plant footage of 40,000 sq ft.
  • MEXICO – Packaging, assembly and labor intense processes in approximately 20,000 sq ft of both certified cleanrooms, and white rooms in a total plant footage of 50,000 sq ft.
  • Dry Rooms (Tijuana Mexico).
  • Hi-Tech performs all cleanroom die cutting and clean room converting services in certified cleanrooms in FDA registered facilities.
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clean room converting servicesPrecision Die Cutting Since 1979

Hi-Tech’s Factories in the US and Mexico provide American engineered quality at offshore pricing. Hi-Tech Products is FDA registered, ISO 13485:2016, and ISO 9001:2015 certified. Over 200 highly skilled employees perform every type of converting process on any flexible substrate.

Hi-Tech’s experienced Engineering staff will help you select the optimum manufacturing process to meet your die cutting and converting projects unique requirements.

Contact us today – Hi Tech Products has the rotary die cutting capabilities and assembly services to ensure a precision product every time.