• Custom Die Cutting-Rotary and Flatbed

    ● Equipped with the most versatile and sophisticated equipment available
    ● Labor intensive, low cost flatbed die cutting performed in our Tijuana, MX facility

  • Multilayer Laminations

    ● Multiple layer lamination up to 12 layers
    ● Lamination processes using heat or pressure sensitive adhesives

  • Island Placement and Electronic Registration

    ● Eliminate excessive material waste
    ● Registering to pre-printed materials

  • Inline Heat Sealing and Cold Seal Pouching

    ● Die cutting and pouching done inline
    ● Inline printing of pouch materials with sequential lot numbers
    ● Films, foils, Tyvek and paper available

  • Slitting, Sheeting, Rewinding

    ● Shear, score, razor, lathe and heat slitting
    ● Delicate and difficult handling materials

  • Low-cost Packaging and Assembly in Mexico

    ● Thermal seal packaging
    ● Turnkey ready to produce your product

  • Printing

    ● Six color flexographic
    ● Silk screen
    ● Pad printing
    ● Sequential inkjet

  • Corona Treating

    ● Increases adhesion to low surface energy substrates.

Multilevel scoring and Perforating

  • Precise depth scoring

Clean Rooms

  • Class 100,000
  • Low Humidity
  • Buena Park, CA and Tijuana, MX

Laser Cutting

  • No tooling required

Class A Die Cutting

  • Extremely tight tolerance

R&D Prototyping

  • Quick turn
  • Engineering assistance
  • Extensive material selection in stock

Contact us today and let us show you the many capabilities Hi-Tech offers for your project custom die cutting projects.