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Hi-tech Products: A compelling choice for Medical Contract Manufacturing

The selection of an optimal contract manufacturer for medical devices demands a rigorous evaluation process. Hi-Tech emerges as a frontrunner in this domain, offering several distinct advantages:

Unwavering Quality Commitment: Hi-Tech prioritizes quality throughout its entire operation. Their facilities, processes, and products adhere to stringent standards, demonstrably evidenced by our ISO 13485 certification FDA registrations with cGMP – CFR 21 Parts 820,(210 & 211 in our Tijuana facility). This ensures consistent reliability and regulatory compliance for your medical devices.

Material Expertise and Cost Optimization:

The Hi-Tech team possesses a profound understanding of materials suitable for medical applications. We leverage this expertise to collaborate with our clients on material selection, product design, and production (DFM) processes. This collaborative approach fosters cost-effective solutions while maintaining the highest quality standards.

Comprehensive Vertical Integration:

A significant advantage offered by Hi-Tech is our vertically integrated structure. We possess the capability to manage all aspects of production, encompassing wearables, and biosensors technologies. This eliminates the need for multiple vendors, streamlining the development process and potentially reducing time-to-market.

Scalable Production Capabilities:

Hi-Tech caters to projects of all sizes. Our impressive infrastructure offers more than 14 servo-controlled presses operating in multiple Certified Cleanrooms seamlessly transitions from prototyping low-volume batches to high-volume production runs of millions of units while offering the redundancy volume producers demand. This flexibility caters to companies at various stages of development, from early-stage ventures to established multi-nationals.

Multiple Locations for Supply Chain Optimization:

Hi-Tech maintains three facilities in Buena Park, California (our headquarters) and Tijuana, Mexico, (two facilities) providing strategically positioning to optimize costs and supply chains for the Americas. This international reach offers several benefits: cost reduction through geographically advantageous sourcing, redundancy for mitigating supply chain disruptions, and the ability to serve international markets effectively.

Hi-Tech’s unwavering commitment to quality, technical expertise, vertically integrated structure, scalable production capabilities, and global reach make us a compelling choice for medical device companies seeking a reliable and efficient contract manufacturing partner.

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