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3M Medical Hydrocolloid Tape 9944

3M Medical Hydrocolloid Tape 9944


3M Medical Hydrocolloid Tape 9944, Single Sided Polyurethane Backing, 80# Liner, Configurable

  • Hydrocolloid Adhesive
  • Gentle to Skin
  • Cushioning

3M hydrocolloid tape 9944 is single sided hydrocolloid tape on a master roll consisting of a thin film backing coated with a thick, absorbent synthetic rubber pressure sensitive adhesive. May be used for medical devices.

Suggested Applications

  • Printable for medical labeling
  • Medical applications requiring breathability
  • Medical device attachment to skin
  • Wound care dressings
  • Material and/or technology for health care or medical device manufacturing

hydrocolloid adhesive

3M Hydrocolloid Equivalents and Custom Formulated Hydrocolloid

We recommend medical grade hydrocolloid adhesive custom formulated and manufactured by Amparo Medical Technologies. See more at amaparomedical.com about custom formulated hydrocolloid.